About Us

Warner Levitzson’s furniture is crafted from 100% RENEWABLE PLANTATION GROWN SOLID PREMIUM TEAK (Tectona Grandis), a durable hardwood that performs beautifully in any climate. Teak’s high oil and rubber content make it virtually immune to rot. Teak has been used for its durability on the island of Java for centuries to build fishing boats and sailing ships as well as temples, houses and furniture. The unique character of teak lies in its natural and timeless aura. Furniture made from teak blends into any surrounding.

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment and sustaining long-term supplies, we only use teak wood harvested from established and controlled plantations. 

All joints are made with mortise and tenon, which is the strongest method. These connections are secured using premium outdoor glue and teak wood dowels.

Stress points are double-doweled for extra strength.

When hardware is required, premium solid brass and stainless steel screws and bolts are used.

From the beginning of production, Warner Levitzson’s furniture is constructed with durability, quality and value in mind.

WE DO NOT USE COST-CUTTING MEASURES such as lower grade teak, thin pieces of lightweight teak, or poor-quality craftsmanship, hardware, and outdoor glue.

Natural fine hand-sanded and hand-buffing satin finish is standard for all of Warner Levitzson’s  teak outdoor furniture.

We do not use teak oil or any other coloring method to hide imperfections in our teak outdoor furniture.

Only the heart of teak log is used which leads to Premium Grade “A”  Teak Wood Furniture.

Warner Levitzson are proud to provide you with more teak for your money; that is why we display the weight of each piece of our teak furniture.

Please ask your distributor or go to www.wlteak.com for weight.

1.18” thick is our standard dining table top, we also offer X-Thick  table top which is 1.38”, XX-Thick is 1.57”, and XXX-Thick is 1.97”

Sturdy construction paired with high quality timber ensure that each piece of Warner Levitzson’s furniture will endure a lifetime of use.

Warner Levitzson’s furniture is stock year round in Santa Ana, California U.S.A. and in Semarang, Indonesia.

Custom design, made to order sizes, and one of a kind commercial project are welcome. Please ask your distributor for details.